Justin Goerich set his sights on a career in the culinary arts early on, while working at La Chaumiere in his hometown of Pinewood Springs, Colorado. After attending the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, he honed his craft at the famous Flagstaff House in Boulder and at the Mashomack Fish and Game Reserve in Duchess County, New York. He came back home once and for all to join the Big Red F family, first at Jax Fish House and then at Zolo Grill. As a Chef, Justin blends his decade plus of culinary experience into seasonal menus full of creative, flavorful Southwestern dishes

When he’s not in the kitchen, you’ll find Justin enjoying the outdoors with his family, biking, snowboarding, fishing, hiking, running, canoeing, camping, and, most often, chopping wood to heat his home.

GENERAL MANAGER Shelley Yates-Laguna

Shelley loves to make special occasions extraordinary. Born and raised in Southern Missouri, she moved to Boulder to earn a degree at CU before heading out to LA where she started and successfully ran her own event company, hosting red carpet events and premier parties on studio lots. There she met her husband, the eminent Michael Laguna. They moved back to Colorado to raise their kids and both ended up with the Big Red F family!

Shelley couldn’t be happier about the opportunity to put her passion for good times to work, throwing amazing parties every night for her friends and guests. When she’s not at Zolo Grill, you’ll find her on an adventure with her family, exploring the mountains, or seeking out antique furniture to restore and up-cycle.


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