EXECUTIVE CHEF Rodrigo Quijano

As far back as he can remember, cooking and food have always played an important role in Rodrigo’s life.  Sunday dinner always brought the family together, and when he was little his sister had her own restaurant in Mexico City. As he got older, he transferred his love of painting and craftsmanship to the kitchen, and found that cooking is itself a wonderful art form with endless possibilities.

Rodrigo grew up in Mexico City, but moved to Colorado with his family as a kid. And while he loved food, his life revolved around climbing, skiing, and art. He earned a degree in painting and graphic design at CSU, where he met his wife. It wasn’t until they had their first son that Rodrigo started to cook professionally. He took a second job as a line cook in Estes Park and immediately fell in love with the craft—the camaraderie, energy, fast pace, and artistry of the kitchen. He learned everything he could—from cookbooks and local chefs like Claude Lucas, Noah French, Mackenzie Clapp, Daniel Richard, and Paul Dietz. For Rodrigo, cooking is an art—the hard work of so many people, from the farmers to the distributors to the chefs, comes together in one perfect dish, which is composed almost like a painting, full of colors and textures and flavors, and then enjoyed for a brief moment before disappearing completely.

When he’s not working on another masterpiece in the kitchen, you’ll find Rodrigo spending time with his wife and kids, getting outdoors, sipping on some good coffee or enjoying a breakfast burrito.


Mike has been spreading the Zolo Love since he was four years old! His mom used to work for the Big Red F family and, as a kid, he’d come help roll enchies in the kitchen after school. He learned to hustle at The West End Tavern, where he started bussing tables at 16, and quickly fell in love with the fast pace and camaraderie of the industry. After a brief stint with another company, he returned home to Zolo Grill in 2010 and we are so glad that he did!
The two things he loves most about Zolo are his team and his guests. He likes to lead by example—and believes there is no team like the well-oiled machine that is the Zolo crew—and strives every day to create the best possible experience for his guests. For Mike, it’s more than dining—it’s a home away from home for every person that walks through the door.
When he’s not at Zolo, you’ll find Mike hanging out with his lovely lady, family, and friends. He loves cooking, going out to eat, watching movies, playing video games, and tearing up an empty road with the windows down. Every Thanksgiving, he volunteers for the Imagine Foundation Dinner and wouldn’t want to spend his holiday doing anything else.

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